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Wrapping Your Homemade Soap


I don’t sell my soap, so fancy packaging isn’t necessay. Plus, I work only part time and will soon retire, so I look for the most cost effective (meaning CHEAP!) way to package my soaps to give them as gifts. I was doing them cigar band style, as cold processed soap needs to breathe. It’s a popular style among soapers. I made up a simple label using the free Avery Design and Print program for the labels and dollar store gift wrap for the bands. It made a nice presentation, and it’s very economical. (CHEAP!)

Recently I learned a new way to wrap soaps from soap-making-essentials.com’s Soap Packaging Tutorial. Someone out there is very clever! It looks so nice and it seemed so easy, I decided to give it a try.

Was browsing the dollar store earlier today, wondering if I should use something heavy like construction paper or cheap manila file folders or if gift wrap would work for the new style of wrap. Decided I’d practice first to see what weight of paper worked the best, so I went home and tore out some pages from a Crate & Barrel catalog that came in the mail. I liked the slickness and weight of their paper.

IMG_2454 ss

I am not buying anything else to wrap my soaps with! These look fine, and I love not buying any more gift wrap and using something that would have been thrown away (and whatever the soaps are wrapped in are still going to be tossed out in the end). Plus I have a constant supply of colorful catalog pages that come to my mailbox for free! Best of all, my friends are all conservation and recycling minded, so they love this kind of thing.